Artists and Vendors

I was raised an Army brat. Always moving and needing to be creative to pass the time. I started with pencil drawings as a child, and after retiring, I went on to mosaic birdhouses. My husband and I moved to New Mexico where my creative juices started to flow. I started painting with acrylics, making jewelry, and in 2010 got hooked on gourds. Starting with bowls, moving on to carving and wood burning on gourds, then making dolls, jewelry, and animals out of gourds. I now combine clay sculpting with the gourds. What an incredible feeling of freedom and expression. I enjoy the whimsical feeling people get when looking at my creations.


Hello everyone! I'm a former northern New York farm girl transplanted to AZ and then New Mexico. A horse lover and horse owner all my life, I've also developed a passion for sewing. Quilts are what I like to make, and most of them are geared toward a western theme, although I do other subjects if the pattern and fabric grabs me. Also make a variety of smaller items, some of which feature machine embroidery. Hope you enjoy browsing “Cathy's Creations”!!

Cathy Pierce


Melissa Rucker

I have been a resident of Sierra County for 25 years. Seventeen of those years have been spent teaching Elementary school in Tor C. 

My first hobby was making stained glass.

I went on to develop an appreciation for beading after joining a beading group. I love using natural stones and some crystal or glass in my jewelry. 

I am now making quilts and I am a member of the Winter Quilters. I continue to enjoy making jewelry and stained glass pieces. 

I keep my work affordable so it can be purchased and enjoyed by many

Haruhuani Spruce

Linda Nenno

Sherry Russell

I have made pots for over 40 years, squeezing in time around kids, career, life.  With retirement-- freedom! I jumped into pottery-making with both feet.  Part of me wanted to make up for all that lost time I spent working on everything BUT pottery, this love of my life.  Fantastic.  I felt like I was doing an apprenticeship, aided by all the great pottery teachers on the internet, making the same forms over and over, and slowly getting better.  So exciting!
But now, due to changes inner and outer, I find myself looking at my pottery much like I am looking at the sun, the air, the rain, the beautiful spring.  I am spending more time with each creation, falling in love with them, taking risks, exploring.  I want my life to be fun.
So,  an opening arises for me to create more slowly, with more joy.  I hope you can see a little joy in these pots.

I am a retired Elementary School teacher. I started crafting soon after I retired to keep busy. After working for 25 years, I found I had time on my hands and got bored.

I began with making earrings out of leather, then moved on to other jewelry and various other crafts. Then I discovered the wreaths and they have become my mainstay along with my chocolate truffles. Now and then, I visit old projects and bring them back, such as the “Ojo de Dios” (God’s Eye) that I have this year.

Most of my products are quite expensive to ship, so I prefer to sell locally and will accept cash or checks. I will provide a box for wreaths and ojos. Email for Questions and Inquiries.

Sharon Pierson

I was raised in Oklahoma then spent 20+ years in Texas before living as an ex-pat in Venezuela, Mexico and Trinidad. Returning to the states I settled in New Mexico for 10 years before moving back to Oklahoma. I have always had a love for arts and crafts of all kinds. My interests have varied from quilting to crochet to scrapbooking and card making. My current passion is “Gnomes”….short ones, tall ones, fat ones …..large and small. I have begun to dabble in clay sculptures, making small items to go with the gnomes, which has opened up a whole new realm of fun and adventure for me. All Funds raised from my Gnome art, goes to SCCA, (Sierra County Cancer Assistance)

We will accept check, cash, or PayPal.


Bre Palmer

I’m a true “Okie” at heart, having lived my entire life in Oklahoma. After retiring from Oil & Gas Accounting I’ve been able to spend all my free time doing the crafting I love. When my grandson was born I started scrapbooking, he was my inspiration. Eleven years later and I’m still scrapbooking, creating one of a kind, designer type scrapbooks. Half of the fun scrapbooks are finding all the “twists, turns, pull outs, waterfall photo holders and tabs, plus more. Enjoy and be creative, life is all about memories. All Funds raised from my scrapbooking, goes to SCCA, (Sierra County Cancer Assistance)

We will accept check, cash, or PayPal.


Kate Burris

I enjoy moonlighting as a hooker...that is, I love to crochet all night by the light of the moon. Crochet is more than what I do; it's who I am. I have yet to find anything that can't be made better by crochet. It is how I cope with difficult situations. It is how I express my humor. It is how I express love and compassion. It is how I express anger. It is how I express joy and awe. It is my meditation, my social connection, and my therapy. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than for my crochet to benefit others, so I hope that it may spark a bit of joy for you! All funds raised will go to SCCA, (Sierra County Cancer Assistance. I can also do commissioned work, you name it, I can probably do it, I love a challenge.


Shirley Potasnik

Over a dozen years ago my spouse and I were able to retire and we found ourselves escaping Wisconsin winters and cloudy skies to beautiful sunny southern New Mexico. I have been fortunate in retirement to be able to pursue my interests. Browse through my selection of painted stones, pebble art, microwave bowl potholders, coasters, kitchen boa’s and Christmas ornaments. I hope you’ll find something for yourself or perhaps a gift for someone special. Hand-crafted gifts truly do say you “care”. Thank you in advance for browsing and shopping.

I LOVE rocks! I’ve been painting rocks long before it became a popular pastime. My stones are collected on walks in the New Mexico desert or along the shores of Lake Michigan. I search for irregular-shaped or unusual looking stones. I then transform my plain-Jane rocks into miniature pieces of art that become pebble art, meditation stones, jewelry or colorful unique rocks to grace your home or be gifted to someone special. Stones are hand painted or gorgeously textured with layered dots to create a 3-D feel to the touch. I use a variety of acrylic paints or nail foils and seal with glossy clear coat or art resin. Not intended for outdoor display.

Sharon Holmes

Trudie Browning

Carol Dumont

Carol is mostly a self-taught artist with some formal training in watercolors under Joe Beth Gillam, a well-known Texas artist and oil painting under Annalee “Sissy” Franzoy, a New Mexico artist.

Carol has wanted to be an artist since an early age, but as most of us know life takes the front seat. Now retired, children raised, seven grand-children later and a love for life and all that comes with it, she is now following her dreams. She and her husband have built a small art studio in their backyard to allow her creative talents to flourish.

Her art reflects a passion for color, movement and contentment. She explores her world with different mediums to convey her feelings and thoughts to you. Her interests follow several different subject matters……

 Artworks at Caballo

Caballo resident Sharon Holmes has been painting in various mediums for more than three decades.  Originally from El Paso, TX. she worked in oils, acrylics, fabric paint and then glass and leather paint.  At present she is concentrating  on working with silk dyes and alcohol inks.   Sharon specializes in wearable art in clothes, jewelry, home decor and more.  She also creates ear cuffs in silver, copper and aluminum.

Please enjoy your shopping.  She also shows her work at Heart to Hand in the old Martha's location on the corner of Foch and Broadway.  Payment may be made in cash or Square. Pick up should be arranged to be made with COVID 19 mandates with mask in place.  Questions? Email

I have been crafting for most of my adult life. When I was working I made" Crocheted Critters" for my co-workers, and grandkids when they started arriving. I Did basket weaving and made Easter Baskets for the grandkids. When my husband retired, we sold everything, bought a 5th wheel and traveled. I started making beaded hat bands (smaller to work with). When we settled here in New Mexico, we had more room for our crafts, so I started making beaded jewelry. I also learned to wood carve. I then started engraving on glass, which I really enjoy. We are also avid rock hounds.

Holly Marino

Holly Marino moved to Sierra County from Hobart, Indiana 19 years ago, where she had studied with teachers from the American Academy of Art and the School of Representational Art in Chicago, giving her a good foundation in both realism and figurative work. Holly’s love of the west is expressed in her art capturing the essence of the contemporary cowboy. Her use of color and texture makes the subjects in her originals seem lifelike. She has won many 1st place awards for her paintings, both on canvas and on leather including the juried Grant County Art exhibit in Pinos Altos, the Southern New Mexico State Fair and Sierra County Art Fair. Her work has been exhibited in prestigious shows in Ruidosio, Carizzozo, and Albuquerque, and hangs in corporate offices throughout New Mexico and Texas. Holly is also a hair designer and owns Holly’s Salon Del Rio located in Elephant Butte, NM. Her paintings can be viewed where they grace the walls of her salon, and Rio Bravo Art Gallery.

Susan Noreen

I believe each artist has a unique vision. The Challenge-and the joy-is in expressing one's own thoughts and emotions in a tangible way. I enjoy experimenting with various techniques, painting surfaces, and mediums. honing skills necessary to fully express my ideas and insights is an ongoing process. I have been heavily influenced by Impressionist painters and the design style of the Art Deco movement. Working Primarily in acrylics and pen/ink, I often combine the two. For me, being an artist requires that I continue to take risks, push the limits of my abilities, explore new mediums, and experiment with new techniques.

I am also an avid quilter, creating my own designs on graph paper, cutting the pieces, hand sewing them together, then quilting the entire piece by hand. I create only one quilt from each design, ensuring the finished product is one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated.

My artistic career began rather late in life. After receiving a B.A. from Michigan State university, I taught high school English for several years. Later, I worked in an advertising agency creating print ads and corporate brochures as well as writing and producing radio and T.V. spots. Over the years, i took Studio Classes in drawing, watercolors,oils, acrylics, and pottery. I am grateful to artists David Einstein, Kegham Tazian and Henry Tanaka for their inspired instruction and encouragement.

I am the proud parent of two extraordinarily talented (and thankfully, grown) Children. I live with my husband Robert, in Elephant butte, New Mexico.

I began drawing and painting as a child in Hudson, Wisconsin where I grew up.

 Life has taken me in many different directions, but I have always found time to paint.

Oil painter James O. Burnley of Hudson, WI was my first instructor and my biggest inspiration. He patiently guided me through the process, never failing in his encouragement.

John Acosta, muralist and portrait painter took me under his wing and brought me to new levels. I studied with John in his studio in St. Paul, MN one day a week for five years.

My husband and I built and operated our own C Sky Studio and Gallery in the small town of Cushing, WI for ten years.

I had visited New Mexico on and off over the years, so when the cold winters of WI got to be too much, we sold our gallery and headed for T or C!

I paint most every day and now exclusively use acrylics. I have worked in oil, charcoal, and pastels. I paint my environment, be it animals, birds, flowers, and places I have traveled to and favorite photos and objects.

I now have discovered cardboard art and, my work can be seen at Rio Bravo Gallery.

Sherry was born and raised in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. She has worked in many areas of the art field and with many mediums.

Beginning with charcoals at the age of 9, Studying under the artist Addie Ware. Then moved to oils under artist Washburn Forester. She is also self-taught in graphic design, applying her art to cloth as well as machine embroidery designs. Sherry is a certified Ceramic Teacher applying her art skills there as well.

Her work is a combination of realistic, Impressionistic, Fantasy and Abstract. She creates unique and interesting views in her paintings

Some are cre4ated to bring a smileto the beholder. She hopes it brings one to you.